It took the UnbeatableBid staff weeks of painstaking research to find our California featured SOLAR contractor. The only thing they don't offer is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA's) but nearly every website out there will tell you an outright purchase over a PPA is preferred and will save you the most money. When you get a  PPA you typically pay more every year and when you buy outright there is no price increase so after the payback (AKA break even point) the energy is all yours. Plus you get the 30% tax credit through 2019. Our featured contractor offers PACE loans through CalFirst, Ygrene and HERO so it's very possible to save money from DAY ONE as your PACE loan or HELOC loan payment can be less than your current average PG&E bill. Solar, when priced right is an absolute "no brainer" for anyone paying over $150 a month or more.

"Do I need a battery backup?" you may ask. Well, right now theirs a thing called Net Metering 2.0 through PG&E and it allows you to "bank" your excess energy credits you accumulate in the daytime and use them in the nighttime- no battery needed. Beware Net Energy Metering ONE (NEM1.0) is gone forever- it allowed solar customers to sell back their excess power to PG&E's power grid and customers who got in early enough are grandfathered in. Net Metering 2.0 won't be around forever so this is great time to go solar! 

Another thing to note s that PG&E is about to roll out Time Of Use (TOU) pricing and it has been said many customers (especially those who have high bills) now will see a bill increase as high as 30%! 

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Go green and SAVE! Save money! Save the planet! Fill out our contact form, call or TEXT us at 415-866-7137 TODAY!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY please don't overpay! You can save up to $30k compared to at least three "Top Solar Contractors" I know in the Bay Area! Are they ripping people off? That's hard to say, but we want you to make an informed decision.

You may get a little more benefits (Such as memberships in solar industry news groups or guaranteed production) from a larger company, but ask yourself: Is it worth up to $30,000 more?

Thanks and no matter which contractor you select- going solar is something to be proud of so GOOD JOB! 

Pricing details current as of July 2018, subject to change without notice::

8kw $2.59 watt installed

6kw $2.69 watt installed

4 kw $2.79 watt installed

3 kw $2.99 watt installed

2 kw $3.19 watt installed

Note: Bring in a couple friends, family members or neighbors to be installed the same month and everyone saves an extra $.10 per watt! On an 8kW system that's an EXTRA savings of $800! 


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