Promo codes 2020 Uber Eats, Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Groupon & more!

30 Sep

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Note: If the links don't take you to the correct website or App Store/Google Play please copy and paste the URL into your browser or simply get the app and enter the provided promo code.

Here we go, you can save anywhere from $5 to $30,000 (and the planet!).


For a $5 free delivery from Uber Eats, get the Uber Eats app and enter my code "Eats-UberItsCold" and I get a $5 credit for every referral. You can get your own code to share too! I sent out two tweets & already I have $50 ni credits that are good for the next three months.  Uber Eats is FAST. Click this link to get the app & enter the code "Eats-UberItsCold" Enjoy! 

PS, your food will be hot! "UberItsCold' 


DoorDash, it's an awesome food delivery service. Get $7.00 off your first order when you sign up with this link: (I get $7-$20 in credits for each new customer who uses my link and you can get your own link too). Credits, not cash, are tax free! 



New to Lyft? Get the RIDER app and enter code COOK or TREK when prompted. You'll get anywhere from a $5 to $50 ride credit (usually $5 or $10, varies by city, $5 in the Bay Area). Get the app now enter COOK/TREK and be ready to roll. Or use this link to see your promo & sign up here:


Want up to $800 bonus? Apply to drive with Lyft in San Francisco using my link (terms apply): (In SF I make $1.60 for every ride given by my referred driver in the first 60 days) no minimum! 100 rides = $160, 500 rides= $800. Optionally, you can download the DRIVER app and enter code COOK or TREK when prompted. 


New Uber RIDERS, get the RIDER app and enter my code "UberItsCold" in the promotions field or use this link: Go to the "Free Rides" section to get your own referral code that you can share to get free ride credits!


New Uber DRIVERS who use the code "UberItsCold" get up to a guaranty of $800 and I'll get $500 if terms are met.

You can do it too, no need to become a driver. To get your own referral code to promote new riders and drivers (and Uber Eats), just download the RIDER app and after you get the promotion by using my code, "UberItsCold" you'll then be able to generate your own code. (You can't use your code on yourself- I tried- so please use mine!).


Build a mobile friendly website using only your smartphone for FREE! Build it and if you like it, sign up for hosting and get on the web. The SEO tools available with paid hosting, even on the basic plan, are amazing. I've had my site up less than three months but if you search "best price solar Bay Aea" my site appears on the 1st page.  I found's website builder to work about 100x faster than GoDaddy's.  If you own a domain name and want it seamlessly moved over to your new Site123's platform their customer service can do it for you in minutes. Please use my link to build your free site and if you sign up for hosting I get credits ranging from $40-$120 so thanks! Here"s the link:


Here's one of my favorites from Airbnb: Sign up for Airbnb and get $40 off your first adventure. Here’s my invitation link: (You get $40, I get $20). Rent a couch, a room, a bungalow or a mansion! Discount is applied on rooms over $75/night. Worldwide!


If you click my link and buy a deal, I get a $10 referral credit! Check out Groupon (You may or may not see a temporary new customer deal such as 25% off your first purchase): Save on everything from pizza to laser hair removal, up to 95% off... a few emails a week never hurt anyone, eh? 


Lastly: If you refer a Solar customer to and it converts to a solar sale (5kWh system or higher) you'll get a $100 gift card- (any store you want as long as the card is sold at Safeway) but MOST IMPORTANTLY in 95% of cases, the customer will save THOUSANDS! On a large system (8.5kW+) the price can be up to $30k less than the "big guys" who charge $6.30+ per watt where my guy charges as low as $2.60 a watt (up to 60% less!) The power of a one man show with low overhead can be amazing. He has mostly 5 star Yelp reviews and one 3 star review that is worth a read. Just tell the potential customer to enter your name in the contact form (Referred by ______) and I'll make sure you get paid your $100 gift card after the system is installed. If you are the customer just enter "Referred by Self" and you'll still get the $100 gift card after the system is paid for in full and www.UnbeatableBid has been paid it's referral fee. 


I hope you enjoy your orders and your savings. Thanks! 

PS Extra reading; Some reasons to go solar now:  Applies to CA, for inquiries outside CA, please see point #8.

1) There's a 30% tax credit still available. Talk to your tax pro to see if you qualify.

2) PG&E is currently offers what's called "Net Metering 2.0" which essentially acts as a giant back up battery; excess energy generated in the day can be used for power at night. Like "Net Metering 1.0" which allowed solar customers to sell their excess power back to PG&E for cash, "Net Metering 2.0" won't be around forever.

3) With a HELOC or PACE loan you can be cash positive from day one or if you buy your system outright it can pay for itself in as little as 4.5 years, as long as you have a high electric bill. If you pay less than $100 a month,  likely solar will take a lot longer to pay for itself and may not be for you, but if you have a high bill and you're paying at the higher tier rate (or, when Time of Use kicks in, you use energy during peak hours).  For example, say your electric bill is $300 a month, with a HELOC loan at 2.99% spread across 10 years your payment would be $212, saving you $88 a month (and more as rates go up) and at the end of the term you will enjoy free energy for at least the next 15 years, likely much longer. System warranties on the panels is 25 years, 25 years on the inverters (with these micro-inverters you can check your energy production via WiFi and see if each panel is performing as advertised) and you get a 10 year installation and roof warranty- one of the best warranties in the business.

4) Get additional discounts when your friends, neighbors or family join you in getting solar at the same time, lowering the per watt cost to as low as $2.49! Unbeatable!

5) You can get a free design and estimate via email. No site visit or pushy salesman required! Curious to see what a system would cost you but you don't want all the hassle? Just go to and give us your address, email and average electric bill amount or kWh usage and you'll get your free estimate typically within 48-72 hours. Don't forget to claim your $100 gift card by entering "Referred by Self". It's that easy!

6) Prices have never been lower. As one blogger put it "Solar has turned the corner".

7) Saving money is great, but by going solar, you really are "saving the planet" so good for you!

8) If you live outside of CA and want the best possible price, I'm happy to go to work for you to find the best price in your area by doing a deep web search, searching pulled permits in your area and generally asking around until I can get you to at least the $3 per watt threshold. Don't overpay or fall for high pressure "buy it today" sales tactics. I won't be able to offer you the $100 gift card but I should be able to find you a great price on solar from a licensed contractor in your area. 

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