Amber Alert 2.0 ECHO: Let's make Amber Alerts much more effective in recovering abducted children, now and for the future.

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UPDATED 1/18/19 with a few new ideas (integrated license plate readers, smartphone dashcams) I hope for Lyft to step up and be the real hero. Or you. 

The Amber Alert System is credited saving many children. I have an idea that I believe would make the system more effective and even if it saves just one child's life, wouldn't that make it worth the effort? 

The idea is simple and should not be too difficult to implement (well now I added a few more advanced ideas, so it's a monumental undertaking, but doable), especially if a company like Google, Uber, Lyft, MapQuest or any company that already has the technology related to calculating estimated arrival times (ETA) via a mapping, walking, driving app or website. I call the idea "Hypervigialent 1.0.1" and what it does is enhance the existing Amber Alert System by letting the people who receive the Amber Alert when to be most hypervigialent or "on high alert" based on the estimated time it would take an abductor to reach where the good citizen is located. For example if a child were abducted in Oakland at 3:00pm a statewide Amber Alert would go out as usual, but for residences of Los Angeles for example would receive a follow up alert that they should be on "high alert" or be "hypervigialent" between the hours of 9pm-1am as it takes about 6-10 hours to get there. 

Another way the system could be utilized is to simply send out the alert at the time when people should be on the lookout for a "Red van plates ending in A678". Sending out an Alert to Los Angeles at 3pm with no follow up is almost pointless. I know when I see an Amber Alert on my phone or on a freeway sign, I quickly look at the 5-10 cars I can see in front of me and for myself, at least, that is the extent of my participation. Sad but true, and I'm sure it's that way for a lot of people. In the example I used, let's say I am located two hours away from Oakland, but I get the Amber Alert at the same time (let's say 3:30pm for an abduction occurring at 3pm). It would be impossible for that vehicle to have traveled two hours away, yet I get the Alert... And it's at that point I am "hypervigialent", when in reality I should be on high alert around 5pm-7pm, based on my location. If the system we're to send out the alert based on when the abductor would likely be in your area, I believe the odds of someone seeing the suspect vehicle or child based on a description (8 years old, blond hair, red sweater for example) would greatly increase. If the Alert went out as usual but included the time to be on high alert, I imagine people postponing their normal dog walking time to instead be out around the specified time. That's one way the system could be improved, or it could be sent out as a follow-up Alert. 

I've reached out to the people who run the Amber Alert System and website's like but nobody has replied. I'm not trying to sell the idea, I just would like for it to be one a reality and save some children's lives. 

UPDATE: I (hopefully) found Lyft's new head of engineerings (1000+ member team) email and I'm hoping he gets it- can you imagine if every Lyft driver in America were to get an Amber Alert or "Hypervigialent Alert"? 

I GUARANTEE you at some point a child's life will be saved and an abductor will go to jail if Lyft were to implement my plan or part of it... I'm sure they could improve on the idea.

Update 2: That last thing I said (improving the idea) made me think- I just started using my cell phone (Android 8.2 Oreo Moto G5+) as a dash cam. So what if a camera app like the one I use we're able to scan car models, colors of cars and even licence plates/partial plates, a technology already in place used by police and parking enforcement?  

What if Lyft were to offer their independent contractors an advanced holder that would give the rear camera a better view, maybe add add wide angle lens, landscape mode for greater visability and the dash cam feature that scans plates- combine that with an alert to the driver if there's a potential hit and Lyft and those who drive could act as a community of heros.

I don't want any money or even recognition. I just want to save a child's life or future. I guess it would be nice to be credited with the concept if it becomes a reality because I do want my two daughters to be proud of me and I want to prove to them that if you set your mind to something and you believe in it, anything is possible. I would have given up on this site after six months without a sale, but thanks to my eldest daughter, it's still here and even if I don't make much money, I'm doing my part to TRY to help the planet by showing people solar is and can be a great investment and who knows, maybe this dream of saving children through ideas and innovation and HELP will become a reality.

Eisar Lipkovitz, I hope you find this message or read my email I'm sending you today with a link to this page. Everybody I've talked to about this idea (around 20 people- just the "Hypervigialent 1.01 part) ) says it's a "great idea". 

Everyone, PLEASE feel free to contact me if you have any ideas of how I could get the ball rolling on the idea, improve it, or if you can help make it a reality or if you just want to voice your opinion. 

I do understand that of those children who are abducted and ultimately murdered, 75% are dead within the first three hours (note, this does not mean "75% of children abducted are killed in the first three hours" as I recently read on a misleadinig Quura answer to the question "How can we improve the Amber Alert System?". For some reason Quora has blocked me so I could not respond there.  It's "of those" that are the key words, not every abduction as the writer states. 

I also understand it typically takes three hours for an Amber Alert to go out, so maybe we can all brainstorm and figure out a better way to quickly analyze each situation and send the alert faster. Obviously that is key. I think of the day I opened my front door many years ago and the newspaper headline seemed to burn my eyes and sink my heart... I believe it simply said "POLLY FOUND DEAD". It's heartbreaking to think of as I write this and my heart goes out to the Klass family. 

One thing also stands out is another headline report a day or few later that explained that "POLLY WAS ALIVE" when police stopped and questioned her abductor. 

With today's technology and even possibly using an app like NextDoor, people could send out their own alerts to those willing to receive them and it could be done in minutes, even seconds.... "1:45pm MY CHILD WAS JUST ABDUCTED, WHITE VAN PARTIAL PLATES L445, PLEASE GO OUTSIDE AND LOOK NOW" and, say it's two hours later, the alert could go out to people 100-180 miles away. At 3pm, two days later the alert that started with the local neighborhood in California could be sent to Oaklahoma residents. I really hope I'm explaining this so it makes sense because I have had major problems when trying to explain concepts to people and I know I often ramble. 

I will try not to overcomplicate this concept and I believe some parts are better than others and I'm not sure as to where I should focus my efforts. Honestly, I'm going through a period of memory problems, comprehension problems and other mental problems that hendwr me deeply. All I can say is I'm trying my best, so please don't let my problems communicating stop YOU from making this or part of it a reality.  

I've written 6 articles but after a careful re-read, I realized they were totally confusing, rambling and nearly impossible to understand. If ANYONE understands the concept of these now multiple ideas and likes to write, I would love your help in making this article more to the point, easy to read, articulate, etc. 

You might just be a big part of saving children's lives and putting the dirtball hell ound scums of the earth that commit these horrindous crimes in PRISON where they belong. 



Update: New name idea "Amber Alert 2.0 ECHO" which stands for "Everyday's a Chance for a Hero Opportunity". 

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