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Solar in California from $2.60 a Watt- Absolutely the Best Price For Solar! Unbeatable! Simply provide your address, email and average electrical bill using the form below and you will get a free estimate and system design within 48-72 hours with no site visit needed! Don't overpay! You can litterally save over $30,000 compared to the "Big Guys!

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Solar at the best price guaranteed in the Bay Area and all of California! Free estimates with no site visit needed! Just fill out our contact form and get your free estimate via email in 24-72 hours!


In California (Bay Area, Sacramento and LA) we have partnered with a licenced solar contractor who charges as low as $2.60/watt for a premium solar system. Unbeatable! Contact us today (call, text email or click the twitter icon) for a free estimate! Price varies by system size, click "Learn More" for the details.

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Save an extra $.10 a watt by having you neighbors and friends and family go solar with you!

Free estimate with no site visit needed!

What if you get 3 estimates and their all close to $46,000 and then you find out you could have paid under $16,000 for the EXACT SAME system? You wouldn't feel to good knowing you could have saved $30,000! Even if you are currently in contract it's worth it to cancel and lose your deposit- again, our contractor doesn't need to meet you- he can use Google Maps and get you a quote within 24-72 hours so call, TEXT, fill out our contact form or email us TODAY and start saving!


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Solar best price in California- don't overpay!

Please remember to include your ADDRESS & average kWh usage or average electric bill so we can have our preferred contractor design the perfect solar system! Thanks!


Let's make Amber Alerts much more effective in recovering abducted children, now and for the future!

Let's make Amber Alerts much more effective in recovering abducted children, now and for the future!

Please help me make this life saving idea a reality! I need help, I can't do it on my own. Google, Lyft, Uber... Anyone, please help!

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Quit Smoking Campaign Idea

My Anti-Smoking Campain Idea

Quit Smoking Campaign